About Us

Founded in 1950, Columbus Janitor Supply Co., Inc. has been a central Ohio janitorial supply mainstay for over 55 years. In recent years, we have been serving clients in locations throughout the USA and in several international locations, including Mexico City, Hong Kong, and Portugal.

In September 2006 we changed the company name to CleanInnovations. Over the past three years we have developed new alliances, concepts, and programs that address our clients' goals. We have gone beyond our local janitorial supplies focus, so it was a natural step to re-brand our company to reflect our commitments to cleaning and to innovation. CleanInnovations is a name that takes us beyond our original borders.

Over the years, there have been big changes in the cleaning industry, and this has changed the way we do business. We also know that our clients' concerns about green cleaning, debilitating infections, no-touch systems, and LEED building rating programs mean that they have new needs. We have re-focused our company accordingly, and our new name is part of our new corporate mission and strategy.

Welcome to CleanInnovations!

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