SurfaceAide - TurfAide - FabricAide

Protect your athletic facilities from microbial contamination and odor with the Sports Antimicrobial System (SAS). The family of SportsAide, TurfAide and FabricAide in SAS provides long term control against a very broad spectrum of all known bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae on treated surfaces. The antimicrobial technology powering SAS in the Aegis Microbe Shield. EPA registered, the Aegis Microbe Shield has been safely used for 30 years in consumer goods ranging from shoes to diapers and in medical products from clean rooms to surgical dressings. This unique and effective antimicrobial provides continual, long lasting protection without leaching harsh chemicals or heavy metals into the environment and it won’t rub off or seep into athlete’s skin.

The Sports Antimicrobial System is a protective step for athletic departments to regain peace of mind, knowing there is continual antimicrobial protection throughout the facility from the locker room to the synthetic turf.




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